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20 Reasons to Do Business in L.A. County

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1. Large market

The area is a large market in its own right, and it is still growing. There are 17.9 million residents in the five-county area, and nearly 10 million in Los Angeles County. The population increases between 2000 and 2010 were 1.5 million and 283,087 respectively. Census Bureau projections to 2025 indicate significant additional growth. In addition, there is quick access to markets in San Diego and Northern California, as well as Arizona and Nevada.

2. Large, well-trained workforce

The labor force in the 5-county area numbers more than 8.8 million, and a significant percentage has a bachelor’s degree or more. If your business has special training needs, the Workforce Investment Boards, community colleges, or the State Employment Training Panel can literally train workers to your order.Looking to hire or to be hired in the City of Los Angeles? Check out »

3. Excellent access to national and international markets

There are six commercial airports in the area, three seaports plus the freeways and service by two rail carriers. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are numbers one and two in the nation in terms of container traffic handled, while LAX ranks 13th among the airports of the world in cargo traffic handled. LAX is served by 43 international carriers and all major freight lines. Read more about our ports.

4. A leader in international trade activities

In 2011, two-way trade flows through the Los Angeles Customs District totaled $387 billion. This total is for goods only, and does not include services (such as engineering and motion pictures). The Los Angeles – Long Beach port complex is #1 in the nation in both cargo tonnage and containers handled.

5. Large, well-established international trade business support infrastructure

These organizations provide networking and advice. Unique entities such as The Foreign Trade Association and the World Trade Center Association Los Angeles - Long Beach make getting involved in international trade or finding trade leads much easier.

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