Jewelry Design & Manufacturing



L.A. County Jewelry Design
& Manufacturing At A Glance

  • Total business establishments: 460
  • Total employment: 7,000

Did you know?

  • Many of the world’s top jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers, and gemological labs are located in L.A.’s Jewelry District.
  • The Los Angeles Jewelry District has over 3,000 wholesale jewelers.
  • The Los Angeles Jewelry District is one of the largest sources and suppliers of jewelry, gems, and watches.

The jewelry industry, like the precious stones it sells, is a multifaceted gem, small in size, but high in value.

L.A.’s Jewelry District is home to over 3,000 wholesale jewelers and is recognized as one of the nation’s largest suppliers of jewelry, gems, and watches.

The District hosts a thriving market for custom designs and the import and export of precious stones and metals. In 2007, U.S. Customs placed the value of these transactions at nearly $5 billion.

Today, nearly 2,000 people are employed in manufacturing and designing jewelry while another 5,500 are involved in wholesale trade.

A specialty of the L.A. County jewelry industry is custom-designed pieces, which combines artistry and craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that command top dollar from fashionable jewelry stores around the world.

Many of these custom designs are destined for stores along the fabled Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This short, three-block stretch of shops includes some of the most famous names in the jewelry business. Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, David Orgell, Harry Winston and Fred Leighton all have salons here.

Here the well-known and the well-off find extravagant “bling” alongside subtle stones, all at princely prices deserving of the gala parties and televised Hollywood award shows where they will be worn.

From the stratospheric collections of these elite shops to the remarkable bargain outlets downtown, L.A.’s jewelry industry is a highly valued local asset.