20 Reasons to Do Business in L.A. County

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Universal Studios16. A leading tourist destination

In 2011, 26.9 million overnight visitors came to Los Angeles and spent $15.2 billion. The area is home to four of the nation’s top theme parks, and is the location of the “real” Hollywood, which is in the midst of a major renaissance. Many of the major tourist destinations are linked by rail and bus transit. Read more about our tourism industry.

17. A transportation leader

Of course, there are all the freeways, which are being constantly upgraded, including the addition of car pool lanes. It’s no surprise that LA is a leader in “intelligent highways” technology. Toll roads, rail commuter service, subway and light rail are in operation. Currently, over 300 miles of rail transit service are available, with more on the way. Read more about our transporation.

18. A good environment for entrepreneurs

Los Angeles has a superb support infrastructure for entrepreneurs, which includes entrepreneurial training programs at both UCLA and USC, and a well-developed network of small business development centers. LARTA (Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance) provides support for a variety of small technology-related firms, as does the Southern California Bio-Medical Council.

19. Competitive cost structure

While it is a major urban area, Los Angeles is surprisingly competitive cost-wise. For example, the 2008 survey from the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA) indicates that Los Angeles was tenth in the nation in cost for a professional management lifestyle, after New York, San Francisco, and Orange County.

20. The weather and geography

This is an easy one. With a mean temperature in January of 58.3 degrees and in July of 74.5 degrees, along with an annual rainfall of 14.8 inches and 329 days of sunshine, what could be better? And the combination of beaches, deserts, valleys, and mountains is one you will not find anywhere else.

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