Metal Manufacturing

WET Design fountains

WET Design fountains.

L.A. County Metal
Manufacturing At A Glance

  • Total business establishments: 5,100
  • Total employment: 26,100

L.A. County Metal
Manufacturing Employer Breakdown:

  • Coating, engraving and heat treating accounts for 25% of total cluster employment, and the manufacture of threaded products contributes another 20%.

Los Angeles County is the nation’s number one manufacturing center, in terms of employment, with a total of 26,100 employed in the Metal Manufacturing sector.

Providing specialized products for the ports, refineries and water distribution and transmission industries, Metal Manufacturing has played an important role in the development of infrastructure in Los Angeles County.

The aerospace industry and its suppliers have led the way in creating new ways to fabricate the exotic materials they employ. Traditional mills, lathes, and presses are giving way to extruders, injectors, autoclaves, and kilns to shape a myriad of components.

The County is known for its expertise in such advanced materials as composites, ceramics, polymers and the latest innovations in nanomaterials. L.A. County is a leader in producing people with the expertise to handle these modern materials.

Precision components are also a specialty. Utilizing advanced computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining tools, skilled tradesmen aided by talented mechanical engineers turn out unique components honed to the tightest tolerances.

The LAEDC works with industries in the field and various regional partners to tailor training programs to meet the needs of growing firms in this segment, assuring a ready supply of skilled talent.