Automotive Design

Toyota Concept Car

A Toyota concept car.

L.A. County Automotive
Design At A Glance

  • Total business establishments: 1,100
  • Total employment: 23,000

Did you know?

  • L.A. County’s Galpin Motors has
    been the #1 Ford dealer in the
    world for 19 straight years.
  • L.A. County residents register
    350,000 - 400,000 new vehicles
  • The Toyota Camry was the bestselling car in L.A. County in 2008.

Southern California has had a long standing love affair with the automobile. The vehicle as a status symbol is an L.A. affectation and drivers here spend much of their time and money customizing their cars with all manner of accessories and auto care products.

Los Angeles was also the American beachhead for the Japanese auto companies’ arrival into North America. Toyota arrived in 1957, followed shortly by Honda, Nissan and others.

Both Honda and Toyota have U.S. sales and marketing headquarters in Torrance, California with other design, test, and development units throughout the Southland. Honda’s Acura Design Center is also found in Torrance. Overall, there are 15 separate auto design studios in Southern California.

Currently, 23,000 people are at work in the County’s auto industry, with more than 10,000 employed in manufacturing products for the automotive aftermarket. SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association, trade group for automotive performance and appearance products is located in Diamond Bar in L.A. County.

Several auto enthusiast magazines are published here and J.D. Power, the consumer guide to the automotive industry, is headquartered in L.A. County.

Locally, Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design is worldrenowned for its auto design programs. Seven other local colleges offer automotive technical training ensuring a steady supply of designers, mechanics, and other auto-related professionals for this popular industry.

As the car culture capital of America, the automotive industry will continue to thrive in L.A. County providing ample opportunities for designers, manufacturers, and scores of other professionals in this industry.