Wholesale Trade & Logistics

Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach. Courtesey of Long Beach Business Journal.

L.A. County Wholesale Trade
& Logistics At A Glance

  • Total businesses establishments: 8,800
  • Total employment: 199,000
  • China is L.A.’s # 1 trading partner with a two-way value of $183.3 billion in 2007.

With nearly 200,000 workers, wholesale trade and logistics is a significant activity in Los Angeles County. Its close ties to other key segments including international trade, manufacturing, fashion, and furniture give this slice of the County’s economic production added importance.

Formerly a business of thousands of trucking and storage outfits, trade and logistics has become a giant industry in the past decade as international trade has grown. A vital aspect of the supply chain, wholesale distributors provide an important buffer between suppliers and retailers, allowing both to operate more efficiently. Closely allied with the distributors are the brokers and agents who act on behalf of buyers and sellers.

A key cluster of the wholesale trade is centered near downtown L.A. where the fashion district, flower, toy, and produce markets are located.

Other major distribution points are found near the airport and port areas. Also an increasing number of warehouse and logistic operations are finding available land and establishing costeffective operations in the outlying parts of the county, including the Santa Clarita, Antelope, and San Gabriel Valley areas.

Wholesale trade and logistics facilitate the flow of goods. With the advent of robotics and modern computer technology, warehouse operations have become a field requiring specialized skills and talent. As trade with other nations continues to grow, L.A. County will have a need for qualified workers in this booming industry.

The L.A. County area is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and workers to fulfill the demand for this vital sector of the economy.