Helping businesses thrive in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County offers a variety of financial and technical assistance programs that can improve your company’s bottom line.

Los Angeles County Business Incentives (January 2008) » [PDF]

Enterprise Zones

Businesses can take advantage of 14 Enterprise Zones within L.A. County. These areas provide special tax advantages to companies that locate within a Zone. Tax credits for qualified new hires can add up quickly, totaling over $37,000 per employee over five years. Other benefits include sales and use tax credits for certain purchases, business expense deductions for items that otherwise might be capitalized, and net operating loss carryovers to extend the benefits into future years.

L.A. County Enterprise Zone Directory » [PDF]

Foreign-Trade Zones

There are seven designated Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) within Los Angeles County.  These areas offer special treatment of goods imported, exported, or trans-shipped through the Zone, which can defer, reduce, or eliminate duties and tariffs.

Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZ)

Thinking green can have cost advantages. Businesses involved in recycling and reuse of materials taken from the waste stream who locate in one of 12 RMDZs in L.A. County can benefit from attractive loan programs, technical assistance, and free marketing support. Individual cities can add to these incentives. LAEDC Regional Managers can help your company identify sites within an RMDZ and provide information on additional incentive opportunities offered by the individual cities.